double-S was founded based on the influence of visions which have been generated out of the market where several applications seemed to be not covered sufficiently. The founders discovered a demand on professional consultants in the field of RFID (Radio- Frequency-Identification) for the end-customers, based on the circumstance that they normally do not have any experience in RFID, but request to use latest RFID technology. This is the first approach for double-S offering the end-customers support to make the right choice in RFID suppliers, who covers their specific demand best. This is secured by the experienced staff of double-S who enables to save unnecessary cost (e.g. experiments, investigations etc…) and finds the best possible solution for the end-customer.

The second approach is based on the circumstances that many small and medium sized companies do have superior products, however do not have an effective marketing due to lack on resources and sometimes a deficit on experience (especially if they want to approach a new region abroad). double-S features a customer fitted support to help those companies to conquer new markets and to improve their “international outfit” significantly. double-S´ experience is based on decades of experience in the global world of business.

The founder himself made a decade of experience in the global village at all continents. His special knowledge is in the area of international marketing / sales, RFID technology and process engineering. Our partners do also have years on experience in “International Marketing” and RFID-technology.
Based on that, we decided 2004 to found the headquarter in Graz/Austria, the heart of RFID technology with the additional advantage to be very close to RFID companies like Philips Semiconductors, Infineon Technologies and Austriamicrosystems.

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